Simple DALI Lighting Control System

Simple DALI Lighting Control System

Brand : Leyond
Product Code : Simple DALI Lighting Control System
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1.functional characteristics

• Software: Easy DALI lighting control system 
• Maximum number of control lights : 16000
• Connection interface with computer: RS232 / RS485/USB
• Controller :CTT-DLM-1F Dali Master(64 address),CTT-DLGW-R DALI gateway(expanded)(64 address/pcs).
• Communication distance:RS232 15M;USB 15M;RS485 1200M(Can add RS485 repeater to extend the distance) DALI 300M(Can add DALI      repeater to extend the distance )
• Extensions function : DALI Gateway can be connected to the expansion , every DALI Gateway can output a DALI bus (Up to 64pcs lights) ,can • Expansion connect up to 250pcs DALI gateway.

2.Main technical parameters
• Meeting internationally standardized protocol of DALI(IEC60929/ICE62386)
• Input power supply:AC200~240V  50/60Hz
• Power consumption:≤5W 
• Output voltage:16VDC
• Output current:250mA(max) 
• Environmental temperature:-20℃~50℃ operating relative humidity 10%~90% 
• Storage temperature -30℃~+55℃ storage relative humidity 10%~93%
• Have RS232 / Ethernet communication interface.
• Adopts industrial-grade bus RS485 for secondary extension, photoelectric isolation, distance of up to 1200 meters (access RS485
• Repeaters, can extend the communication distance);
• Can extend up to connect 250 DALI gateway, each gateway can access 64 stage lighting equipment, can be controlled more than 16000
• Separate DALI lighting equipment;
• Have gateway status monitoring function;
• With the brightness of the lights and condition monitoring functions;
• Have DALI ballast automatically assigned address function, IEC62386 standard requirements; 
• Can realize to broadcasting, each lighting group or single address control operation; 
• Can set/read the parameters in the light; 
• Can realize grouping set/read;
• Setting value can be set/read;
• With a one week period of sequential control schedule function, achieve timing lights/scene change;
• Apply to DALI lighting engineering application